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On this page you'll find everything you need to set up an ebay business, from suppliers to powerseller strategies.

First, the basics: (Scroll down for suppliers and powerseller strategies)

Obviously,first of all you're gonna have to set up an Ebay account, you can do that here. Before going any further i recommend signing up and familiarising yourself with how it works. Not only is Ebay a great place to sell and make profits but its also a great place to buy stuff with popular items often 50% of what they are in retail stores.

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If you are going to run an eBay business you need a few things to get started. The most successful sellers have a system that they use everyday of the week. Once you have all the proper items in place, you will be able to come up with a selling system that suits your needs.

So what do you need to run a successful eBay business? Most importantly, you need items that you can sell. This is the lifeblood of your business, so make sure that you always know where you are going to get new inventory. Are you going to buy from a wholesaler? Are you going to head to garage sales to find new items? Whatever you decide on, make sure that it can sustain your business.

Since eBay is an online marketplace, you will need a computer with internet access. Make sure that you have a computer that is reliable enough to get you through each day. There is nothing more frustrating than a computer that freezes or shuts down for no reason. This is one sure fire way to drive your eBay business into the ground.

Also, make sure that you invest in a digital camera. Remember, items with photos sell much better on eBay. You do not have to be a professional photographer, but having some skills in this area is important. For the most part, you should not have any problems finding a cheap digital camera. From there, a bit of practice is all that you need to become proficient at taking the proper pictures.


Click here for your favorite eBay items Overall, an ebay business is a great oppurtunity for anyone looking to sell physical goods with not too much hassle. There is alot more too an ebay business, more than we recommend purchasing an E-book. Over the years weve tried hundreds of these so called 'get rich quick on ebay' guides and below weve collected some of the best for you, so you don't have to hunt around for online and no doubt end up with a bad quality product because you were convinced by their smooth salesman pitch website.


     Number one on any ebay entrepreneur's list of a successful business is a product, you cant have an ebay business without a product. To get a product you need a supplier and Id like to introduce what separates the men from the boys in the ebay world, finding and using the right supplier.



It can take years to find a wholesaler to buy your products from, and without a good wholesaler/supplier (whatever term you prefer) your sure to fail in the world of Ebay. There are thousands out there but alot just don't take the time to market their website, which is where online supplier directories come in.

Once youve signed up, all you do is search for the type of products you want to sell and BAM, hundreds of suppliers available to you instantly. It will litterally save you months of time. Of course you could take the free route and try to track down the suppliers yourself but that truly is an idiots game. Real online business is about accepting you can't do everything yourself and that your gonna need help.

So which supplier directories should I use? There are hundreds of options available but as im actually a former powerseller myself I can recommend the one which has litterally tripled my profits and the one which I still use today. Ive tried dozens and when it comes down to it, the biggest and most proffesional directories are the ones you want to use. I would steer well clear of smaller less known directories due to there being less suppliers listed, and therefore less chance of finding the product you need. Customer service is also excellent at Salehoo, listed below, and theyll be happy to advice you on all aspects of your business which can be an essential and invaluable resource for beginners.

Salehoo - This is the one to join, it really is the best out there, with over 5000 genuine, high quality suppliers listed. over 90% of products Ive sold on Ebay i found through salehoo's suppliers. It was over 4months after my first sale on Ebay and I was making around $1200 a month. After I found Salehoo and used their listed suppliers ,one month later, i could afford to cut out my competitors and made $5300 in that month alone by pricing aggresively. If you want to be competetive on Ebay and offer the lowest price, then Salehoo's directory of suppliers is your first step. Check them out here.

What Products to sell

Ok, so you've joined up to Salehoo and your looking for a product to sell. Well this will be the most imporant decision you make, after all, if we all knew exactly what to sell and what to price it at we would all be rich beyond our wildest dreams.

To really go into niche markets and how to select your product, how to set up your listings and marketing strategies such as listing your products in more than one category (e.g. listing a clock shaped like a car not only in Clocks but also in the Car accessories) Id have to write a whole book about it.

I'm sure that whilst browsing the web before you even came to this site you've seen numerous E-books on how to start a successful business on ebay and im sure your sceptical about them. If your not, then quite frankly your not cut out for the world of online business and should consider another career. The truth is alot of them are con artists and their schemes rarely even work, and thats if you get the book at all!

We (particularly me) at homebusinessforbeginners got sick of these schemes that promise everything and deliver nothing, so we decided to test some of them. The results weren't great and every book i read seemed to be using strategies that are years old now or information thats already available for free on sites like this. I then got contacted by an old friend of mine called John who heard about us reviewing Ebay guides and challenged me to give his a try and naturally I did. His tips were real, he doesn't promise a million dollars a month, just real goals that everyone can achieve. I was truly suprised at the level of proffesionalism in his guide. Im guilty myself of using his marketing techniques. He WILL make you a powerseller in 90days. Trust and follow the steps listed and he will deliver! His guide isnt free but its a small price to pay if you ask me. Become An Ebay Powerseller in 90days

'I make thousands per month as an eBay PowerSeller and you are about to do the exact same thing...  I fully Guarantee you  -- 100%  --  that you can make this kind of money by following this "step-by-step" program', Thats what John says and he means it, he really does make that kind of money and I know of dozens of people Ive recomended to his program who do to. So check it out.




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