How exactly do i make money on the internet?



So how exactly do you make money on the net?

Affiliate advertising - This is where you advertise someone elses product in order to earn a commission. You can often earn up to 75% of each sale if its an information product (e.g software and Ebooks). So basically it means if someone clicks onto and buys an anti virus package for example that costs $80, you make $60 and makes $20. Sounds too good to be true right? Check out the affiliate advertising page here.

Sell goods on Ebay - Selling stuff on ebay is becoming a very popular way to make a living. It requires alot more physical work than affiliate advertising because it involves finding a wholesaler for the product you feel theres demand for, which is a nightmare unless you have good wholesaler links, (which i would recommend paying for, its well worth it). You then have to ship off your goods and so you'll need to become familiar with packaging goods. You then sell this product you bought a batch of for a profit on ebay. Its that simple. Check out the Ebay page on this site for more information and programs we recommend.

Selling goods on your own website -  This is a tricky one and is best approached after youve had a look at the other 2 opportunities. Its potentially the most lucrative of them all but requires you to be able to promote your goods and also sell the right goods. The best way to do this would be to set up your website with your product and then join an affialiate scheme who you will then have to pay commision to for every sale but its well worth it if you still make a profit. Check out Affiliate advertising for more info.

Got an idea but not sure how to put it into action? or you don't know how to build a website? Then read the Beginners guide.






Good luck from everyone at and we hope our advice is your first step to online success.




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