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Welcome to Homebusinessforbeginners.com,                                   the first real unbiased site to help you set up your online business.

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home business man Are you considering one of the following?

-An Ebay business?

-Affiliate marketing (Promoting someone elses product)?

-Writing your own E-book?

-You just want to make income on a site you already own?


Then you've come to the right place for all things online business.

 Online business success


What Can you honestly expect from online business?

First of all, the 3 truths of online business:

1.ANYONE can do it. The internet at the moment is like oil in the 20th century and like the gold rush in the century before that. The internet is THE big thing and if you follow the steps on this site you will make money.

2.It is highly unlikely you will be millionnaire in a month. Those days are over now and with so many people choosing online business as their sole career it has become alot more competetive in the past few years.

3.It is likely that if you put the initial research and work in, you will be earning $2000 to $3000 dollars a month within the next few months.



If your New to Online business click here for the beginners guide.

Home business for beginners specialises in offering free advice and resources to help people new to the online world set up an online business.

But why ONLINE business, why not other home business oppurtunities?

Working from home is an extremely attractive idea to people from all walks of life. It attracts everyone, from high flying businessmen to your average shop owner. I mean if you were given the opportunity to not have to wake up early, to not have to commute to work, to work only a few hours per day, and best of all from the comfort of your own home you're likely to take it. Thats exactly what your doing at this site, exploring the possibilites available to you in order to make a sensible decision. So why online business when i could be a telemarketer or an envelope licker? Well I think that speaks for itself but I'll do my best to sell online business to you anyway. Here my typical schedule for the day.

10am: I wake up and eat breakfast by the computer checking my website.

10:50am: I'll head out in the car to enjoy myself or hang out with my son if its a weekend. If its a weekday ill ussually head to the beach if theres waves (Surfing is my passion) and spend the majority of the day down there.

5pm: Ill come home to my wife, and work on new projects, this one for example for about 2hours, these are my working hours, when i head up to my office.

7pm: We all eat dinner together, then maybe a movie afterwards and I'll put my son to bed and get myself ready for another day.

So there you go, thats how i make 6 figures every year. Obviously, I've been doing this a long time so my techniques are perfected and my sites are already set up, the only real reason to work on new projects is personal interest. For example for this site, George came to me and asked if I had any advice to give and if I'd help set up a site dedicated to helping people start their online business. Naturally I said yes and here we are!

From the desk of Christian Roberts, Affiliate marketing.

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