Beginners Guide To Online Business

  If your looking for some guidance on where to start your home business or are just looking for some ideas to get started, then youve come to the right page. In the following sections I will briefly outline some key ideas that will get you on your way to setting up a home business.

Why go set up an ONLINE business?

There are numerous home business oppurtunities around today e.g. telemarketing, but I think youll find that online business is by far the fastest growing sector.

Average people all over the globe are quitting their jobs and switching to online business, its one of the fastest growing markets in the world with more and more people realizing that stuff is generally cheaper, quicker and easier when you buy online. It doesn't take a genius to spot the potential opportunity. Work from the comfort of home, work the hours you want and as for income, the skies the limit! This page shows you the steps you need to take to set up an online business, however, you need to know how your going to money first, if you know then carry on if not visit How to make money online to kickstart you online business!

It really is that easy, the basic steps for a complete beginner setting up an online business are:

online business beginnerBuild the website - There are litterally hundreds of tools available for this from complicated and proffessional web designers like dreamweaver, to using a far simpler program like microsoft word combined with notepad. However, by far the best tool i have come accross is Xsite Pro, it really is beginner friendly. We used Xsite pro to design this very site, what makes it unique is how easy it is to use, if you can type, you can build a website with xsite pro. I strong suggest you check it out here.

Host the website - In order to actually put the site you built on your computer onto the internet you have to buy a domain name and host the site. Having been in the online business for just over 5 years now Ive tried dozens of different hosting websites. You could host with a smaller company however I strongly recommend hosting with a large, well known hoster due to their services being much much cheaper and the quality of the hosting also being exceptionally high.

Its worth mentioning that the host can be based in any country and it will not affect your sites performance (The speed at which it loads). So even if your in the united states reading a site hosted in England youll experience no slow down whatsoever. There are 2 main hosting companies which stand tall above the rest. These 2 are the biggest hosting companies in the world and I think you wont find a better deal anywhere else.

online business hosting

    Midphase - Midphase is the biggest hoster in the world and their free domain name for life is certainly an intriguing offer. Their customer service also ranks number one in the business. I would say midphase is the best hosting company to use for new businesses.

    Bluehost - You also get a free domain name with bluehost, however, Bluehost gives you more bandwidth (a higher maximum number of visitors a month), and yes, this site is hosted using Bluehost.

Promote the website - The 3rd and final step. Promoting your website is where most online entrepreneurs spend alot of time grinding away, trying to get their site noticed, but it doesn't have to be that way. Promoting your website is easy and 3 great ways to do it are Google adwords (advertising on google), Search optimisation (optimizing your website for a higher listing on search engines like google) and youtube (placing a commercial on youtube is a great and FREE way to promote your website. (For more information on this I strongly recommend you buy the famous Rich Jerk, how to succeed at online business E-book)

After completing these steps you should be well on your way to making some serious cash, if youve read all this and still arent sure what to sell or need a guide to tell you exactly how you can make money check out this page What to sell on the internet.





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