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What is Affiliate marketing?affiliate marketing guide

Affiliate marketing entrepreneurs are individuals who efficiently use online marketing strategies to drive quality traffic (people browsing the web) to their affiliate Web site. The beauty of affiliate advertising is that you don't actually sell anything so instead of having to deal with shipping, refunds and complaints all you have to do is promote sites. As with most other home business opportunities you can work as little or as much as you want and alot of the money making process can be automated.


How do i make money?

You can make money several ways but the most popular is often by commision. Heres how it works -

Step 1. You put a link to a the publishers (the company you want to promote) website on your own website for example.

Step 2. Someone viewing your website and clicks that link and gets transferred to the publishers site through your affiliate link.

Step 3. That person buys one of the publishers products and you get paid a commission for recommending them, often up to 75% of the total sale price!

So to clear it up, if someone clicks through your affiliate link and then buys a piece of software for $80, and its 75% commision youll get $60, just for recommending them!

How do i get Started?

clickbank affilate marketingFirst of all you've got to join an affiliate program, this is a site where you can find publishers and decide which one you want to promote. Sign up is always free and i recommend you join and start looking for products to promote as soon as possible. The program we recommend joining first is Clickbank as its one of the most popular and deals solely in information products, rather than physical goods. This means that commision is much higher. Clickbank pays by check like most affiliate programs and sends out checks twice a month which will be how youll recieve the money you earn by commision.

Other alternatives to getting paid by commision are pay per click and pay per lead. An example of pay per lead is you having a form on your website for your viewers to fill out about their car insurance, when they click send it that information gets sent straight to the car insurance company who pays you $20 or so for the lead as you've given them a potential customer.

This can be one of the most lucrative aspects of affiliate marketing if you can get it right. For tips on how to do that its well worth buying the rich jerks Ebook. You can look elsewhere, but I dont think youll find a product that covers such a wide variety of ways that you can make money with. It just cuts to the chase and for only $9.95 its also the cheapest Ebook of its kind. Don't forget that before you buy any Ebook do a quick google search to see if its got any feedback and you'll get a second opinion from customers that already bought it.

How do i Promote Products?

Promoting your product will be where you spend the majority of your time as an affiliate marketer. Its more of an art than a science and without guidance can take years to master. A fact you may not be aware of is that this is a big business and alot of the links you click on the internet are actually affiliate links where the referer stands to gain from you visiting the recommended site.

The best and most widely used method of promoting a new website is Google Adwords. Adwords allows you to place adverts next to search results on google and on other peoples websites who are related to yours. After your site has gained some hits its important to use search optimization techniques in order to get your website ranked higher on search engines like google, then you won't have to pay each time someone visits your site. There are hundreds of different things you can do to improve your site ranking and an essential resource to increasing traffic to your site is Get Google Ads for Free.

No joke, this is the product we used to aid us market this very site, it shows you exactly how to get free ads in google adwords. Also, because you can now advertise for free you can make the maximum bid every time and get that sweet number one spot, for thousands of guaranteed visitors to your site.

And for those who are really lazy..

If your a complete beginner whos sceptical of the whole idea and thinks it will be more work than it seems, you could be right it depends on your skills sometimes and how creative you can be. Or does it? for those who lack the creative flair or are just plain lazy, for a slightly higher price than the other resources Ive suggested read on.


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With all this advice you should be well underway to becoming a super affiliate so get out there and good luck from us!




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